Most sites do not require any additional permits/waivers. However, a few do (see links below).

USHPA and CHGPA membership is required for sites the CHPGA insures and manages.

Please seek a site introduction by one of our members before flying (see New Pilot Orientation).

CHGPA Managed Flying Sites with Insurance Coverage

  • Woodstock
  • Edith’s Gap
  • Shenandoah National Park sites – Dickey Ridge and Hogback
  • Daniels Mountain
  • Pulpit
  • Bill’s Hill


Shenandoah National Park Permit

Dickey Ridge, Hogback

To fly at the sites in Shenandoah National Park, you must hold an Intermediate pilot rating (P3/H3) and have a Special Use permit for the current year.  To obtain a permit for the current calendar year submit an application along with a fee of $50.

Shenandoah National Park Hang Gliding and Paragliding Permit Application

  1. Add/update your info on the application and sign it
  2. Make sure you include your email address because this is how your permit will be sent back to you!
  3. Attach a copy of your USHPA rating. This can be done by printing the following webpage (fill out your USPHA number at the end of the URL). # # # #
  4. Send the form and a check for $50 to the National Park Service

Providing your email address is important because that’s how your permit will be returned to you. You will print your permit (or keep an electronic version on your phone if you don’t want to waste paper) – It will NOT be physically mailed to you. Payment is still only possible via check or money order at the moment. The park is working on making it fully electronic.

If you’d like to save paper, you can submit your application electronically to, but you still need to mail in a check.

Note: You do not need to attach landing permissions – even though the form states this. The park has our landing permission for both Dickey Ridge and Hogback for 2016. Also note that Hogback and Miller’s Head are still currently Hang gliding only. We’re actively working on getting permission for paragliding, but don’t yet have it complete. We’re also still working getting landing permission for Miller’s Head.

Both the launches and the LZs for the Shenandoah sites are fairly technical. Do not fly them without the guidance of a pilot who knows them well!

High Rock LZ Waiver (HG)

The landowner of the High Rock LZ requires that the LZ waiver be completed in-person, on-site. It is not available online. Observers of new Hang-IIs typically bring a new pilot to her home for an introduction and the paperwork, prior to a first High Rock flight. Rated pilots who are new to the area should arrange to meet with a club member (the club forums are suggested) for the same purpose.

Taylor Hill Waiver

The training hill at Taylor Farm is a great place for HG and PG students to learn to fly. The owners of the property require all who fly there (both students and rated pilots) to sign a waiver prior to flying. After printing the form, enter the required information and sign it, then bring it with you to the site and place in the mail box by the parking area. You may also mail the waiver to: Laura S. Taylor; P.O. Box 152; King George, VA 22485

Hyner Club Application and Waiver

The Hyner Club oversees multiple flying sites in Pennsylvania, including Hyner View, The SAC, and Jack’s Mountain. Club membership and a completed waiver is required in order to fly their sites.

The mailing address for your completed waiver is available on this Application and Dues Payment page.

To fly The SAC, two additional waivers must be completed: One for Launch (PDF format) and One for the LZ (PDF format).

Mountaineer Hang Gliding Association Waivers

The Mountaineer Hang Gliding Association oversees hang gliding and paragliding sites in western Maryland near Cumberland (High Point, Zirk’s), and in West Virginia near Seneca Rocks (Spruce Knob, North Mountain) and NEW! Canaan Valley Resort!

Club membership and waivers are required for: High Point, Zirk’s, and Canaan Valley.

Waivers must be submitted to an appropriate MHGA Contact

As of 2015, the MHGA website states that: “Prior to flying any of the Mountaineer sites, the appropriate waivers must be properly completed and submitted to a MHGA club officer, in-person, so a detailed pilot briefing/orientation can be provided due to the sensitive nature of these flying sites.”

Daedalus Hang Gliding Club Waivers

The Daedalus Hang Gliding Club oversees the Avonmore and Templeton sites in western Pennsylvania.

Three Avonmore waivers: Launch -and- Right-of-Way -and- LZ
And a single Templeton waiver: Launch, Right-of-Way, and LZ