The Capital Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (CHGPA), founded in 1974, is a non-profit association (501c3) dedicated to the growth, safety, and solidarity of the sports of hang gliding and paragliding. CHGPA is a fun and active organization of about 100 members, most of whom live in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia.

Meetup Sehkraft
The CHGPA organizes many events in the DC and wider Mid-Atlantic regions:

  • Fly-ins! Yearly camping and firework show at The Pulpit
  • Monthly Meetups – typically in the DC-metro area
  • Competitions
  • Flying trips
  • Parties

CHGPA members include tandem pilots, instructors, site guides, as well as observers and mentors to help you get your next skill/rating. Visiting and foreign pilots are welcome to join us! See our New Pilot Orientation.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to all CHGPA insured sites
  • Detailed, 57 page, Site Guide with charts and maps of sites by Wind Direction and Rating
  • Up-to-date google map of sites and landing zones and restricted areas, including current crop closures
  • Google discussion group access
  • Membership dues support site insurance and maintenance, including expansion of launch and landing zones, land-owner gifts, and promotional events such as the annual Smithsonian Kite Festival on the National Mall

Membership Costs

  • CHGPA Flying membership: $80.00/year
  • 30-day Membership: $40.00/month
  • Non-flying membership: $25.00/year


CHGPA Officers

All of the officers listed below will be pleased to talk with you and to provide you with additional information. The Vice President is the officer whose primary focus is new and visiting pilots and those interested in learning to fly.

Resources and Historical Information

CHGPA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit association. If you’d like to make a tax-exempt donation our EIN is 81-3190567

A Brief History of the Capital Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Skyline 2002-2007  –  Skyline 1998-2002

Hangola Flight Reports from 1998-2005

HAM Radio Repeater Frequencies

GPS Waypoints for Cross-Country Flights

Educational Resources for Hang Gliding

Mark’s Listserv Picks

First Flight Tales

Photo Gallery

Local Clubs and Resources